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TWM honors the ministry of our beloved pastor Cameron Bowen by preserving his articles and sermons. Please use the menu links on the left to access the voluminous collection of his unique and valuable contributions to the gospel ministry.

TWM Vision: For every person to have a saving relationship with Christ.

Mission Statement: TWM exists to serve the community with warnings and counsels designed to prepare for the imminent return of Christ through the presentation of saving truths revealed in the Word of God.

Refusing the Wine of Fornication

The end-tme confederation-Beast, False Prophet, Babylon the Great- are feverishly working their deceptions as they prepare for the impending crisis. God’s people are to “build the waste places…raise up the foundations of many generations…become…repairer of the breach and restorer of the paths to dwell in.” (Isa. 58:12). The next few sermons will challenge us to refuse the wine of fornication offered by the confederation.

Babylon, the Great Part 1 (July 30th)
Babylon, the Great Part 2 (August 6th)
The Holy Alliance Part 1 (August 13th)
The Voice of the Dragon (August 20th)

Location for these items are in the Bowen's Weekly Sermons and TWM Weekly Guests Sermons

Weekly Current Events - Pastor warns SBC against using 'politics,' 'social justice' or 'music' to grow churches

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