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TWM honors the ministry of our beloved pastor Cameron Bowen by preserving his articles and sermons. Please use the menu links on the left to access the voluminous collection of his unique and valuable contributions to the gospel ministry.

TWM Vision: For every person to have a saving relationship with Christ.

Mission Statement: TWM exists to serve the community with warnings and counsels designed to prepare for the imminent return of Christ through the presentation of saving truths revealed in the Word of God.


Introduction to New TWM Fall 2022 Series

America is presently experiencing echoes of impending military conflict with one or more of the modern “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” (Russia, China, North Korea, Iran) on the international front. Internally, socio-economic and political woes are spiraling out of control at a frightening and depressing rate. The national conversation- besides the ongoing debate about abortion, gender-related issues and immigration-is saturated with polemic on the US Constitution, the Supreme Court, State and National Elections, Voting Rights among other possible explosive narratives, all of which could potentially impact out religious freedoms.

God’s remnant, however, need not be preoccupied with the narratives spun by the media and the “talking heads” that incessantly spew their viewpoints at the American public. Instead, we must seek divinely inspired insights; we must “let those who are dead speak also by reprinting of their articles in our periodicals. Gather up the rays of divine light that God has given…” (Ms.62, 1905).

Thus, Pastor’s Bowen’s comments on the very troubles that are inflicting themselves in America and the world, are both valuable and timely. TWM therefore provides for your edification a series of sermons preached in 2021 (fascinating fact), that has tremendous relevance for today’s America. This series begins this October 22nd and runs weekly thru December 31st. (RJG)

Oct. 22nd -The Rise of Dominionism
Oct. 29th-The Rise of Christian Imperialism
Nov.5th-Dominion Theology-Spiritual Warfare
Nov. 12th-Voting Rights
Nov. 19th-Voting Rights Part 2
Nov. 26th-Christian Nationalism is worse than you think
Dec.3rd -The Rise of American Authoritarianism Part 1
Dec.10th- The Rise of American Authoritarianism Part 2
Dec. 17th- The Rise of American Authoritarianism Part 3
Dec. 24th-Republican-led Voter Suppression Undermining Democracy Part 1
Dec. 31st -Republican-led Voter Suppression Undermining Democracy Part 2

Location for these items are in the Bowen's Weekly Sermon and TWM Weekly Guests Sermons

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Revelation 2: The Church that was devastated from within

Over The Rainbow - Why Words Still Matter

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